Adventure travel is hard, let us help.

Missing Part Replacement Service : [Cost: $50 + cost of parts + shipping]
Need a part? But you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere? Consider our logistical travel support service. We’ll buy what you need, send it to our address and we’ll receive it, inspect it, then ship it to you via the courier you need, wherever in the world you are. Start enjoying your trip again.

Travel Support : [Cost: $40/hour].
You’re on the adventure of your life and you’re wasting time doing research on where to go or what to do? Stop doing that right now. Hire one of support staff. We can:

  • Develop or assist you in planning your iteneary
  • Come up with a day by day schedule for your trip
  • Help maximize your days.

Plan Your Affairs : [Cost: $500 – $2000 depending on the complexity of the will]
Are you leaving for the trip of your lifetime, but lack the proper documents that would simplify things for the family members you would leave behind? If the worst happened, Let one of our highly respected licensed attorneys write a will is legally binding in your state. With this will, if the absolute worst happens, you’ll rest easy knowing your friends and family have the information they need to move forward.

Setup & Host Your Travel Website: [Cost: $500 – $1000 + ongoing hosting fees]:
You have a lot of options when it comes to where to put your website. Most of the time people want to put together sites that are hosted on free platforms, but most of the time, they look awful. Let us help you in producing the best looking travel website and host it for you. We can help you generate a name and branding which is essential if you plan on attracting sponsors.

Instant Translation Service : [Cost: Varies]
Do you need help translating travel documents, visa issues, or an instant translation service that can help you enjoy your trip better? Let us help!

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